LONG weekend

Teehee ~ a fun LO I did of my Grandma and myself a week or so ago. Pic from September 2008. I just love it ~ my G is so rad :D
No big plans for the big long weekend, just relaxing which is okay, don't seem to do enough of that anyway!!!

DS is playing at the park and DH is washing work clothes at the laundromat (those are NOT allowed in MY machines :D ) and he is taking the dog for a hike...I have been meaning to get on the treadmill for hours now cuz it's such a yucky day, but so far, hasn't happened!

I watched Top Gun last night and was reminded why I used to think Tom Cruise was so gorgeous ~ he really was smokin' in his prime. Val Kilmer too.....Meg Ryan is the only one that has truly gotten better and better with age!! She's such a cutie!

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