Well, I am heading to Montreal in the morning to meet my Mom...she has been asked to present there at a conference to do with Adult Learning. So since it is 7 hours away as opposed to the usual 30 hours away that she normally is, I thought I'd check out flights to see if we could hook up! Well, at $336 return basically from my front door and back, who could NOT go?!!! So I've packed up enough for a month (not 3 days, but hey, who knows, maybe I'll decide to just run away from my life and stay there indefinitely!! HAHA) and am ready to hit bank in the morning to get some cash cuz I hate not having cash when I travel AND have to buy floss! LOL, ran out a few days ago and have been using this other kind I had from before but I just don't want to put up with it anymore, don't like it at all!!! EZ-Thru all the way for this girl! :)

Ryan planted some of the garden today...because we are so close to the Great Lakes here (so I'm told) we have to plant so much later than I am used to because of the greater chance of frost, and believe me it's June and it is still freezing here at night! BAH!!! But he planted the tomato plants, the pepper plants and the garlic. He'll do all the seeds tomorrow when I'm gone, I feel bad for being no help this year, but hey, if I was to tally up all the times he's been no help....GEEESH, let's not even go there!!!!! *giggle* He'll be glad when I am making homemade salsa and pickles...mmm, pickles!!! We are planting twice as many cucumbers this year because we could have eaten twice as many pickles if we'd had more!!!

Michael was in a session of drama once hockey season was done, so his recital was yesterday, he was a chef and I've posted a pic below. He did so well, I was really proud of him!! His part was super funny and he pulled it off really well despite being so shy! He had quite a fan base there, WOWZA!! Mandi, Cyd, Logan, Mom, Dad, Aunty Colleen, Carley, Grandma, and Aunty Sherry! He felt like a superstar!!! :) Afterwards, Mandi and the kids met us at Montana's for a late lunch, Michael's pic since he was dragging out the superstar treatment as long as he could!

Mandi and I went to the movie "The Hangover" last night.....holy moly did I laugh, I'm not kidding, that is probably that hardest I have laughed in ages!!!!! Also watched (at home) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Taken this week ~ both were completely AMAZING in my opinion!! So many movies have been so hugely disappointing to me lately so I was glad to see a few gooders this week!!!!

Well I think it is time for me to sign off as I should finish doing some packing, although I'm mostly finished :) But I wanted to finish the 4th book in the Twilight series tonight as I think is is due back cuz it's an express copy (one week to read). I know I've already read the entire series but hey, second time around it's just as good, but I don't want to be paying that $1/day late charge if ya know what I mean, and I HAVE to finish it before I return it, so it may just be time for me to snuggle up with a book pretty shortly!!!!

This is me signing off now and bowing out gracefully with an excuse to be absent for a few days!!

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