WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY!!!! Friends. I love friends, good friends make for a good day!! I met up with an old friend today, haven't seen him in 3 years and we hung out all day, went to Dynamic Earth and did the underground tour and checked out the diamond exhibition thingy (yes that is the technical term) and panned for gold too :D We then proceeded to go out for an amazing supper and had such a great visit!! I enjoyed it so much, I love friends!!!! And little Michael had such a fun day cuz Jim is such a super fun and great guy to hang out with. So ah, friends. They make me happy.

After supper, he had to head back to his brothers' house about an hour away and then I went over to my DEAR, DEAR friend Mandi's house for a visit....hadn't seen her for 6 weeks!!!! TRUST me, when you see someone 5 times a week usually, 6 weeks is torturous! Was so great to see her, just visit and get caught up! So yes, friends is the title of my post. They make my heart happy and my life full!!!

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