Just life.

Hmmm, life.

Lately mine has been entirely insane. Michael has decided he needs to play and do every single thing under the sun it feels like and so I run, run, run, drive, drive, run! It's total chaos around here actually and my house is disgusting....like I'm talking straight nasty. He has decided to join the competitive swim team (3 days/week of practice) and a lot of money per month....which would be fine if he was willing to give anything up cuz on top of swim team, he plays hockey, football (3 ~ 1.5 hour practices per week) plus a game at 2 hours with a 1 hour practice preceding. So yeah total insanity...oh then there is also guitar on top of that and basketball that will be starting very soon. So yeppers, insane is the word you were looking for.

But it's all good cuz I am totally blessed to have my little man, who wasn't supposed to happen apparently, who knew we were not a fertile couple?! Hmmmm, funny how life works sometimes. So I run and I drive and I sit and I watch and I cheer and I yell and I drive and I run and I hang out at SportChek A LOT, need something all the time when you do so many sports!! {{lol}} Oh well, all in all, I love it. There is nothing I would rather be doing than being Michael's mom. So it works out pretty good for both of us anyway.

Have a fabulous weekend, we'll be ~ um~ at the football field, hockey rink and swimming pool. Oh I also love the reading time I've been getting in while I spend so much time "hanging out." *wink*

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  1. Ahhh the feeling of a sports mom :) I'm a soccer momma myself, but looks like he'll also be doing cross country and track. Takes a lot of time, but yes, totally worth every minute.