Mail Goodness

So I totally love mail goodness days, today I not only received one yummy yummy box, but TWO! Yeppers, TWO!!! Both are so yummy and droolworthy, it's not even funny :) I am so in the mood to scrap, hmm, some strange reason I just can't figure out! {{lol}} Anyway, Swirlydoos is an amazing kit club and I am a subscriber there.....I also permanently every single month get the Prima add on ($20 for all the latest and greatest, and often not yet released Prima), the cardstock add on (10 sheets of cardstock I think it is......all perfectly coordinated) I also sometimes get the pp add on, this month I did cuz it's awesomely amazing autumn papers/colors....and then there is the technique add on every month as well....I have got that every month I think up until this one, it's an amazing 7G mini kit and although I loved it, I resisted. *is proud* AND then I also received 2 kits from Kraft Girl Kits....Pam has decided to close down her kit club and is clearing out her kits at 50% off...that would be $16 each, so yes, I picked up 2 of those as well for a total steal.

Then there was my yesterday, BLECH Monday that was fun mail day too!!!! I received my 3SB kit, LOVE Heather and her kits!!!!!! AND also received my Noel Mignon kit and other goodies....You must check that place out as well...BOY OH BOY!!!! It has been the happiest (and most expensive) mail week EVER!!!! Now I'm just waiting on my Kenner Road kit and add on (yet again, greatest scrappy place to shop EVER!) and then my *small* order from Shimmerz, they've been doing all sorts of blog hopping goodness lately and all the inspo I've been seeing/getting I had to order some to try this out as well!!!!! All in all, a wonderfully *mail*icious week ;) ;) (okay okay I'll agree the *mail*icious comment was UBER CHEESY!) You love it.

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