So I've been wanting to share the fun and exciting news that I saw Our Lady Peace (for the second time...saw them in 1997 too!! LONG time ago really!! ) I thought they were so great, I am a lover of Raine Maida and to be perfectly honest, if my son had been a girl, he was going to be named Raine, although probably spelled Rayne ~ but regardless it was cuz of my deep *love* for Raine Maida. *sigh* He's so great. Anyway, funny story, my 10 year old ditched me for some buds he hooked up with and totally left me dancing/singing/rocking out all by myself!!! LMAO, as if that's not the funniest thing EVER! Yep, he's getting to the age where concerts will be his thing and I am gonna be old and still going cuz I love them...and he's going to be embarrassed! Oh well, such is life little man!!! *inserts evil laugh here*
Hmmm, my lovely hubby will be home tomorrow for his 2 weeks off so that is exciting cuz I am super busy over the next few days and really need the extra parent around!!!! ;) So I pick him up at the airport in the morning......Michael doesn't know he's coming, so he'll be surprised when he gets home from school!
I had a really hard time sleeping last night and watched the clock til 5 this morning, so on that note, I am off for an early bed time tonight!!!!!

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