My List...

So with Thanksgiving on its way (in the US), there are many blogs lately about being thankful.....so it made me decide to post a list of things I am thankful for right here on my blog. Today. Now. Here goes:
~my boy
~good books
~sparkly nail polish
~great friends
~jacob black & company :)
~our home
~good hair cuts
~warm socks
~clean laundry
~hot baths
~a clean house
~pajama bottoms
~my celly
~good mascara
~homemade bread
~peppermint tea
~positive people
~carpet freshener
~Pier 1
~lemon cleaner
~good deals
~sports bras
~chinese, mexican and thai food!
~peanut butter
~true love
~horatio cane
~mcsteamy ;)
~concerts/good music
wellllllllll, that certainly does not conclude my list but i am going to end it there as it is 1:05 a.m right now and I still have the last few chapters of the 3rd book of a trilogy to read.....been anxious to snuggle into bed and finish it up ~~~ sooo good!!!

good night all and have a wonderful thanksgiving all my american friends :) :)

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