All About Me Fridays......................

at Noel Mignon.......Michelle has challenged us to blog about OURSELVES on Fridays ~ today the "subject" to blog about is "OUR PURSE................" So let me tell you first of all that I have the cutest purse ever!!!! :) It is a Guess (read knock off....that I bought in Montreal in Chinatown) and it is so fabulous that I can't even describe it cuz it would just sound stupid....but I will say this, I get compliments on it all the time and it is actually starting to fall apart and I still literally, get stopped on the street to get complimented :) My purse is da bomb....so sad that it is dying a slow (at least it's slowwwww) death!!!!!

Anyway, inside my purse....I am pretty easy as far as maintenance....here are the things I do not leave my house without...the things that are in my purse at all times!!!

~Cheque Book
~Cell Phone
~Lip Gloss

Other than that......whatever makes its way in there is just random depending on the day and my mood!!!! :)

So, what's in your purse??????


  1. oooh...I'm jealous you have a kindle in there!! :)

  2. I have Kindle on my iPhone and I LOVE it!!!

  3. Ooh, you've got me curious! Post a picture of your purse on here, and I'll compliment it, too.

    My purse always has my cell phone, my wallet, some gum, a little make up, and a book. Because I hate being stuck somewhere with nothing to do.