Don't forget!!!!!!!!!

To vote EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the deets:

The voting that is........has started!!! Click on PURPLE COWS and it will take you to their blog....along the right hand side, it asks you what number you want to win....you want to pick #16!!!!!!!

As promised, there will be some great stuff to be given away so make sure you let me know:

1) if you vote for me
2) if you got others to vote for me
3) if you blogged or facebooked to get peeps to vote for me

Come back often to let me know what you're doing and comment!!! Let me know EVERY person you get to vote for me, I will make it worth it for you to send lots of peeps!!!! :) :)Some of the yumminess to be up for grabs will be:

1) "Blessed" necklace by The Rusted Chain
2) Thickers
3) Mini Alphas ( we all love them!!!!!)
4) New Artsy Urban (by GCD) papers! (one of each pp in the collection!)
5) Edward stamp!
6) FLOWERS!!!!!!! (may vary from picture)
7) Other random greatness that I will put together!!!!!

So a little recap......THIS link and vote for #16!!!!


  1. I passed on an award to you on my blog: http://emuupagumtree.blogspot.com/2010/02/award.html

  2. I voted and had my sisters, cousins,and friends vote. But I don't think I can vote more than once. I blogged it and facebooked it too.

  3. Voted and blogged for you! Good luck Mia!

  4. Hello! I posted on my blog and got friends to vote for ya everyday! Ive been voting too!
    Your layout is gorgeous!!


  5. voted for you will get my family to vote for you off to blog it and facebook it as well

    Hope you win

  6. Voted for you at home and at work today! I'm so excited for you to win this!!!