I've been bad, very, very bad!!!!!

...at blogging!!! man, i actually am quite embarrassed about it all. i'd give you many, many great excuses but since i'd be lying, i'll just tell you this ~ i'm lazy. honestly, i won't lie.

but today i decided it was time to post a little something, so i thought 'self, get your lazy ars to your blog since clicking and typing isn't all that strenuous really.' so then i moaned and groaned that i was giving myself heck. seriously, i'm usually way too lazy for that!!!

okay okay......enough about that. here is a lo i did the other day. it is of one of my besties and her very current, due very soon, baby bump. i thought it turned out kinda cute, and i love the pic so much :)

I did this based on the sketch for our Sketch Sunday over at The Everyday Scrapper . You should check it out, and join us. I'm quite excited to be the new "Sketch Team Coordinator" over there as well. The best part? I get to pick all the sketches we do :) Gotta love when you LOVE every sketch you work on!!!!!

that's all for now :) thanks for the visit!!!


  1. I am lazy too! It's good to know I'm not alone.

    And that LO is so cute. What a great picture!

    (btw, I feel so trendy whenever I type "LO" It seriously makes my day)

  2. Don't feel bad....I too have been lazy!! :)

    I love that ribbon and that misting ooh-la-la!! Great page!!

  3. love it - understand completely how things get away from you!

    keep creating!!