Wowza, my last challenge at Crop Suey was definitely a challenge for me....we had to scrap about our beliefs/faith...i struggled with this and actually did a second lo for it, since the first one, i wasn't ready to share yet, it was an entire page of journalling pretty much.

anyway, i don't want to get all heavy and sad, but the short version is that it took us 7 years to conceive our 2nd baby, and i miscarried. that broke my heart so bad that i just decided that i was done with God...i wasn't really able to 'understand' or really, just flat out, care anymore about this 'plan' and his 'reasons' so i made a decision to walk away from my faith. i never said it would be forever but it was for now, 'til i'm ready. that was in november 2008. i'm certainly not ready to 'go back.' i think i'm done. anyway, like i said, kinda heavy..but it's the story behind my lo. to make this lo, i actually, literally, just took scraps out of my garbage can. it just seemed like the thing to do at the time. *shrug*

alright, that is it for that, i think i've shared more than enough for one day. *sigh* please don't hate me cuz i'm all 'dark and twisty' (as meredith would say).

OKAY.....also want to share this LO for 52x52 this week :)

And this one for my Scrapfit DT too!!! Use your 'machines' ~ I used my Distrezz it all and a border punch!


  1. You are a busy girl, Mia!!! Love it all!!

  2. Oh hon, I don't think you are dark and twisty at all..... ((hugs))

    love your LOs.....you little misting queen!

  3. Oh Mia, that must have been so hard. I am glad that you are doing well, but if you ever feel sad and need to talk (or, you know, email) I'm here.