Today is Gonna be the Day....

....that I stay in my jammies ALLLLLLLLL day long! That just does NOT happen in this house enough anymore! I can't honestly remember the last time Michael and I just hung out and spent the day in our jammies ~ and looking ahead on the calendar, probably won't be anytime soon. That might be something to schedule in the day planner! I miss our jammie days!

Anyway, since this is my first blog and to be honest, I am anxious to get past this part and onto the "designing my blog" part, this is going to be super short and straight to the point! :-)

I intend for this blog to be a means to easily allow my family (oh so FFAARR away!) to check out what is going on with us and see some new pics!

Livin', Lovin', Laugin' ~ Making Positive Changes!

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