Partay Like a Mom on a Holiday!!! ......

Well, today is day 6 of having no kid at home!! He went to Boyne, Michigan with friends of ours, their son is the same age as Michael....they went on an all inclusive ski trip!! He'll be home later on today, early tonight sometime! Apparently they are having a blast and he loves it there, even came in first place during the races yesterday! I'm sure he'll be so excited to tell us all about that! I spent the week just mostly relaxing, don't have enough time to do that anymore! Did a couple of scrapbook pages, some laundry, some cooking (although not much, and certainly not enough cleaning!!) Ry was nights all week so I spent a night at a scary movie with Mandi ~ we went to The Last House on the Left which turned out to be not quite as scary as anticipated. I was even able to come home to the empty house alone and still get some sleep :-) More disturbing than scary, but more disturbing than the actual movie was the fact that someone brought their kids, a boy and a girl I'd say around 5 & 6 years old. Now THAT to me is disturbing!! Anyway, signing off as I want to try to figure out some fun blog stuff before I am busy, busy again!!

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