Sex with Sue

Okay, if last night wasn't one of the most fun nights I've ever had than I have no memory cuz SUE JOHANSON truly rocks!!!!!!!!! Wow, she is going to be 80 years old and she is full of piss and vinegar and just says it like it is and she is an amazing woman!!! Mandi and I laughed our heads off thru the whole show cuz it was one crack after another, I tell ya ~ hilarious that woman!!! OH, and Mandi and I both met her before the show!! Woohoo, well we kind of bombarded her while she was trying to eat but, hey, we take it however we can get it sometimes, ya know?!! HA!! Yayyyy SUE!!!!!! And kudos to Lori from Organic Bodies (http://www.organicbodies.net/SudburyMain.html) for bringing her in for a wonderful charity event ~ all monies raised were for PetSave!! Yayyyy Lori!!! And yes, ladies and gents, that is her hanging on that pole upside down, I know, I know ~ she's fat and ugly, trust me, I know ~ I find her hard to look at. Doesn't help either that she has a truly amazing personality and one of the kindest hearts. NOT FAIR. *throws tantrum*


After a wonderful "Diva Evening" we "hit the town!" I go out about once/year so this was my annual OUTING, so I made the best of it!! We hit 3 different bars and had a great time! Mandi is truly such an amazing friend and I have a fantastic time whenever I am with her, even if it is just hanging out at Starbucks drinking our (Mandi, Mia ~ respectively) ~ Skinny Vanilla Latte & Skinny Vanilla Earl Grey Tea Measto OLD SKOOL. Yumm, yumm, Starbucks is another amazing friend of ours!!

My guy had drama this morning ~ his recital is next weekend already!! So he went there, and I tried to act healthy, but ended up just going and waiting in the lobby of the theatre centre. (on the couch in a full out sleeping position, but hey, who even needs to know that?!!!) Then, we had to stop at my tattoo shop, was time for the touch up.....and while I was there, Taryn, who is an absolute sweetheart, btw ~ colored the heart in with red for me, so now it is all black still (same as before) but with a punch of red! :D Super cute! Taryn owns Precision Ink here in Sudbury and you can check out some of her talent (and Dale's too!!) here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=9721924001&ref=ts OH, and she has a 3 month old baby boy, and just seeing the gorgeous pictures of that little beauty are so worth the trip in!!! She is also now carrying some super fun Ed Hardy stuff there too that you might want to check out!!! PLUS (wow, and she's not even paying me!!! Haha) she is often doing amazing things such as breast cancer ribbon tattoos with all proceeds going to breast cancer research and last winter she did a campaign where you brought in stuff for PetSave (dog good, toys etc etc) and she'd match what you brought in dollar for dollar to put towards your tattoo! What an amazing one that Taryn is!!! Michael sat with me thru the touch up and found it hard "to see me in pain" he said! Hehe, kinda funny....especially since I didn't find it bad at all compared to the original!! Oh well!! So on our way home, we stopped and had a "sushi date." We ordered FOUR different kinds of sushi and they brought us a huge platter full of our sushi that we ate until we were sick, then packed up the rest and brought it home for Daddy. (or for my breakfast, we'll see who tackles it first!) Michael is such an amazing kid when he chooses to be. We're sitting there with out sushi and he looks at it, and says "Mom, what is that? Is it raw salmon?" After I told him it was he said "does it taste good?" After I again told him yes, he said "okay" and ate it. He blows me away sometimes by his maturity when it comes to eating. He cannot even be compared to another 10 year old that I know that is for sure!!!

Sushi Date Michael

(This is the sushi BEFORE we assaulted it to death!)

Sushi Date Mia

(This is the sushi AFTER we assaulted it, mostly to death...it's also a shot of my new hair cut and color....not the best picture of me cuz remember, I have the FLU today, and also am running on, hmm, about 4 hours of sleep, well more like 3 very spinny ones, but hey who's counting??!!! OH and the hair has not been washed since the day before.....hmm, why did I post this pic again?! OH yes, the SUSHI!!!)

Anyway, due to aforementioned wonderful evening, I am feeling some flu like symptoms today and am going to sign off now to snuggle up with one small mini schnauzer, commonly referred to as "London" in this house and Edward Cullen. (unfortunately, that is only in book form due to his lack of showing up at my door step so far, not due to my lack of trying to "attract him," however. One of these days, it will work!) And yes, I have already read the entire series and watched the movie numerous times, and I may even (blush) have the entire soundtrack memorized, but that has not stopped me from picking up the series to read again and I am now on book 3...for the 2nd time! Oh did I mention that I also *heart* Jacob? Yes, I think Team Edward vs. Team Jacob is ridiculous ~ HELLO, BOTH PLEASE!! DUHHHH!!!!!

***Random creepy fact*** My Dad's name is Edward and my brothers' name is Jacob. *shudder* Thanks Stephanie Meyer, that really creeps me out when I stop to think about it ya know!!!!!!

Alright my lovelies, this is me, signing off ~ to go nurse myself back to health....dang um, FLU! Or something that feels like one anyway.

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