Sneak and FYI *giveaway*

Hey!! And happy Thursday!!! No school tomorrow here so it is like my Friday today :)

Sneakie Peekie!!!!!!!!! Here is a little sneakie for WO#13 at ScrapFIT, it will be posted Feb 1st @ midnight so be sure to check it out!!!!! It is a super fun 'workout' and one you will want to do, not to mention that there is one fabulous prize up for grabs as well!!!!!

And one last thing I wanted to mention before I go today.....I have been busy scouring the internet (read ETSY and some great scrappy stores) so that I can offer up some fabulous RAK's tomorrow for all those who VOTE for me in the Purple Cows contest to be eligible to win (voting starts tomorrow and will run for 5 days so DO expect me to do a lot of harrassing in that time!!!).....Does this sound like bribery to you? Well yes, yes it is! I am shameless!!! OH WELL.......and I know y'all love to win goodies too :) :) Sooo the more times you vote, the more chances to win, the more friends/others you get to vote for me the more chances to win...etc etc and there will be LOTS of goodness to win too!!!!!

Here's a lil sampling.....

LOVERLY this chain by "The Rusted Chain" on ETSY by Beki.......I mentioned it in an earlier post this week.....$10 from the sale of every one goes to Haiti disaster relief...so I'm more than happy to buy you one :)

I also fell in love with this little "Edward Cullen" stamp by The Greeting Farm...as if he's not sooo cute!!!!

There will be more, but that's just a lil peeksie for today :)

One more thing before I go ~ for another fabulous giveaway...please go check out my 'very quickly becoming my best online friend ever' Lanie's blog!!!!!!!!


  1. im ready to be bribed lol. ill be voting when its time.......best of luck.


  2. I'm really so excited for you Mia...about all kinda exciting things these days!

  3. OMG...you are funny! You don't need to bribe me...I'd be happy to vote for you!