To begin soon.....

Okay all you party people.....

Voting is to start soon but I will not be here at the start as I am heading to hockey right shortly here! Here is the Purple Cows blog http://sadiepurplecow.blogspot.com/ but I'm not entirely sure yet how it will be set up........or what number I will be! (I was 16, but my LO is the blue and brown one, it is untitled with birds on the pp and homemade flowers along the bottom right)
As promised, there will be some great stuff to be given away so make sure you let me know:
1) if you vote for me
2) if you got others to vote for me
3) if you blogged or facebooked to get peeps to vote for me
Come back often to let me know what you're doing and comment!!! Let me know EVERY person you get to vote for me, I will make it worth it for you to send lots of peeps!!!! :) :)
Some of the yumminess to be up for grabs will be:
1) "Blessed" necklace by The Rusted Chain
2) Thickers
3) Mini Alphas ( we all love those!!!!!)
4) New Artsy Urban (by GCD) papers!
5) Edward stamp!
6) Prima yummies
7) Other random greatness that I'm still deciding on!!!!!!!

So many great things to win and so many chances soooo VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! And tell all your friends too!!!! Hey, I'm shameless, if I'm going to bribe I might as well beg too right!!!!???

Thanks everyone!!!

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  1. I just voted for you, and it looks like you are in the lead!