Spreading the Love and Sunshine!!!

So sometimes I will get these "awards" and things like that and usually I don't do them cuz I'm lazy mostly...and they take time to fill out and then you have to let everyone know you did it and blah blah....wayyyy too much work for me. Okay that is slightly embarrassing but true. So I might as well just admit it right?

Anyway, I got this lovely award today and it is called the "Sunshine Award" and I just thought it was a super fun idea...basically ~ the person who gave you the award...in my case ANAZELIA ~ will post your blog and a lil diddy about you on their blog to help others find you/lead others to your blog...and since I was flattered and happy to see it and read the sweet words about me...I decided this was a great award and I'd love to also "award" 6 others in this way I decided to play along. I don't expect you to do it if you don't want to or anything...I just think it's a super fun idea to post about fabulous bloggers that I have grown to love so much over the past weeks or months!!!!! I'm going to start with 3 today cuz of aforementioned laziness and also because I think this would be something super fun to do on a regular basis....so I can't share all my fabulous friends just yet...I'm kinda greedy like that ya know!!!!

So, here goes!!!!!....

First of all I want to mention my online scrappy friend, Melissa ~ I absolutely love her style of scrapping, she is a very talented gal. OH, plus, she is super fun, sassy, cute, sweet, gorgeous and she has a really beautiful infectious smile. And her kids are completely adorable too :) :) (she kind of reminds me of myself come to think of it!!! {{lol}} Okay that part isn't true)

Second, I have to mention Kimberly ~ she is such a great Mom....she never ceases to amaze me with her insight and her ability to see the best in every situation. Then there is the fact that she is SERIOUSLY, UBER talented. Serious. Check her out. You won't regret it.

Of course I must mention Lanie ~ she is very quickly becoming one of my favorite people/blogs to stalk. She's a crafter...always coming up with the best new ideas. Go see, super fabulous stuff going on over there!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the plug Mia. Congratulations on your recent blog award.