ScrapFIT funnnn :) :)

Here is my LO that I did for ScrapFIT over the last week. Reveal day today so check it out!!! :) Super fun, and great prize too if you play along!! We had to make a LO all about ourselves this time and the title had to begin with "A Day in the Life of....." or a slight variation of it worked too....So anyway, here is what I came up with and I journalled some but hid it cuz I really hate my writing/printing but at the same time I understand the importance of having it on there too.

"There is sun all day. I see smiles and hear manners and only words of kindness. All my words are positive and uplifiting. I feel respected, appreciated, pretty, generous, funny & sexy. Nothing and nobody can bring me down! HA! Yeah right...."


  1. Mia,
    I adore this lo! I don't do enough in my bam book...in fact I've done two pages for it in the last week after a very long dry spell...but this lo is inspiring!! I love the single pic and the journaling is truly positive!! Just beautiful!!

  2. JUST LOVE this Mia!!! You are such a hottie!!! hehe!! Love that haircut!!

  3. Love the l/o Mia! It rocks!