So as I said this morning, I am completely and totally honoured to call each and every one of you 'friend.' Truly, how blessed I am! Completely and totally blessed!!

At the end of the voting today...I was in a *humble* first place. Seriously?! You guys are sooo amazing!! Wow!!! I was able to vote for my own self a total of 5 times (between dh and I)....so that means that I suck badly but YOU all rock tremendously. So ROCK, totally.

Because y'all rock so hard, I had to draw some names ASAP so that you didn't have to wait to see if you won...I really hope you did cuz I appreciated each vote sooo much! (I ended up with over 1400 though so I really can't send a RAK for every vote....I swear if I had millions of dollars I would though!! HONEST!!!)

So I went thru all the comments/posts/emails etc that everyone sent me to let me know they voted/facebooked/tweeted etc etc etc (seriously, overwhelmed by your awesomeness...) and after all was said and done, here is the list of WINNERS!

Blessed Necklace (The Rusted Chain) ~ Jenn Harder
Thickers ~ Elisha
Mini Alphas ~ Paloma
Arsty Urban PP Collection ~ Jenn Engel
Edward stamp ~ Jessica Prosp... etc etc etc {{LOL}}
Flowers ~ Lanie
RAK ~ Sherry
RAK ~ Jackie L
RAK ~ Jenn Engel (seriously, out of all those votes to have one winner twice, WOW!)
RAK ~ Melissa

Please email me your addies ladies!!!! miaclarke@persona.ca and I will get your goodies sent to you :) Some things I have here, some things I will be ordering to have shipped straight to you!

Thank you all. Thank you. Thank you. And to everyone NOT on the list ~ THANK YOU too. Thank you all SO much!


  1. Congrats Mia!!! That's fantastic (:


  3. Congrats Mia!! That's such fabulous news!!! WOO HOOO!!!!

  4. Oh CRAP! How cool, I won twice!! Mia you rawk. I voted for you from all computers I had access to! Especiallya t school, can you say computer lab!!!

  5. Wahoo !!!! I knew you would win Mia !!! How freaking fantastic is that ????? And a wahoo for me too for winning one of your RAKs !

  6. Congrats Mia!! So exciting! So happy for you!

  7. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! You won, you won, YOU WON!!!

    I'm SO super happy for you as I know you wanted this SO BAD!!!!

    congrats special lady! you deserve it!! :)

    PS- LOVE my last name up there! LOL!! too funny!