Summer Sizzlin' Challenge!!!

and what a challenge it is....WOWZA!!!! Check out this challenge here from my friend Helen over at the Sisterhood of Scrap!!

Here it is: (this is copied and pasted, so essentially, these are Helen's words, not mine) {{lol}}

"Have I got the ultimate challenge for my sisters here! This challenge will run for one month, and trust me, it will take you that long to figure it all out!

You need to create a ONE PAGE LAYOUT using as many of these ABC’s as you can.
I got all 26 on my layout, so I am sure you can too!!

The Challenge starts now and the deadline is midnight (EST) on Wednesday July 30th.

When you have completed it, please email it to me @ hollys3401@rogers.com and I will post them all together on August 1st, and declare a winner! The one using the most letters will win!!

I will be posting this prize later, but I will tell you, it will be worth about $50.00!

I do want you to post here though when you are done and let everyone know what letters you did use! But DO NOT show your layout, only what you have used!

Here it is.....


A- alphabet letters

B- Borders, Blue, and Buttons: Use a border, some blue and a button or two.

C- Color Challenge: Use WHITE and 1 other color scheme for your layout.

D- Distressing Duo: use only 2 distressing Techniques!! Use tearing, inking, your edge distresser, crumple up your paper, etc.!!

E- Event: Create a Layout about an event (birthdays, sporting events, concerts, anything!)

F- Four Flower: Use at least Four Flowers.

G- Glitter: Use GLITTER somewhere on the Layout!!

H- Happy Birthday!!: Use these words on theLayout!

I- INK!: That’s right! Show us some ink.

J- Jewels: Bling it up with some Jewels.

K- KISS!!: Use the word Kiss somewhere on the Layout.

L- Lime Green and Lace: Use LIME GREEN and some Lace!

M- Movie Title: Use a Movie Title somewhere on the Layout.

N- Numbers: Show a number(s) on the Layout.

O- OOOOOOOOHHH!!!! We want to see some CIRCLES!

P- Plenty of Pretty Patterned Paper, Please! Use at least 3 different pattern papers.

Q- is for Quiet! Use a photo(s) of someone doing something quiet such as sleeping or reading a book!

R- The 3 R's - Ribbon, Rubons and Red

S- Stitching: Use hand or machine stitching on a layout. (No stamped or doodled stitches for this one!)

T- Turquoise and Thank You. Use the word of Thanks and use the color of turquoise.

U- is for YOU!! That's right! Do a Layout about YOU!!!

V- Violet: Use the color Violet (Purple).

W- Water: Create a Layout that contains a Photo with water in it.

X- X-treme Shape: Use an unusual shape. Can't be a square, circle, or rectangle.

Y- YUMMY!! Show some YUMMY food on the layout!

Z- ZigZag

Have fun with this! Good Luck!!"

PHEW!!! Well ladies, if that is not a challenge, I don't know what is!!! I'm gonna start working on mine now cuz it's gonna take me a month to do it!!!! {{lol}}

Thanks for a great challenge Helen! YOU ROCK!!